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Hello world! Meet my Magic Mushrooms!

On Christmas day, I went to my friend and former romantic partner’s house for Christmas dinner. To keep myself busy and fend off the nerves I offered to bring an appetizer and a dessert. The former choice I made was stuffed mushrooms. The latter, my friend’s favorite raisin cookies, were a delicious disaster (that’s another story). To say my mushrooms were popular was an understatement. As I mentioned, I was a bit nervous to be with the fam (I haven’t exactly been a social butterfly lately); however, when everyone raved, and I mean RAVED about my mushrooms, I melted. Two of the family members asked for the recipe. The remaining leftovers were out the door with them.

I started writing the recipe and got to thinking, “why not create a blog and then I can share my ideas for foodstuff with the world?” So this blog is born. And if I become rich and famous, I will owe it all to Jim and Leland. Thanks!